Description of Classes

Ongoing Classes (YogaFit® Style)

BEGINNING YOGA ~ Designed to meet the needs of those new to yoga as well as those seeking continued understanding of basic yoga poses.  Students will be introduced to yoga postures through step-by-step verbal description and demonstration.  Emphasis is placed on student understanding, safety, and stability within each pose.  Gradually these poses will be linked together into a gentle flowing sequence.  Students are welcome to repeat this class as often as they like.

YOGA FLOW ~ Balance and strength follow attention to breath as we move through our yoga practice. Basic postures introduced in Beginning Yoga will serve as our foundation for each class sequence. Modifications are suggested as needed. Some yoga experience is helpful, although not required. Open to everyone with the ability to move through seated, standing, kneeling, and reclined positions unassisted. Please bring a yoga mat and your positive energy!



Specialized Sessions

RESTORATIVE YOGAAs we settle into each yoga pose, we welcome the comfort provided by the strategic placement of multiple props, such as blankets and pillows. We offer our bodies such thorough support that they continue to sink more deeply into a relaxed state.  This body comfort allows our minds to release and restore.  Students remain in a pose for up to 15 min. before slowly transitioning to the next, shifting our bodies and supporting props.  Guided meditation and visualization will be offered throughout the class.

Multi-level Fitness Yoga ~ Regular yoga practice builds muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance for an overall body workout. We will build upon basic yoga poses to target specific muscle groups while maintaining safe alignment to reduce the risk of injury. After a few moments of quiet centering, we will warm up our muscles while moving through seated, kneeling, and standing flows. A linked series of standing, balance, and floor postures follow. We finish the class with restorative poses and relaxation.  This multi-level class provides modifications for those with varying abilities, encouraging challenges for everyone.

PRE-TEEN FAMILY YOGA ~ This is an interactive practice designed for those 8-12 years old and a parent and/or another adult family member.  So many of our yoga poses are named after animals and nature.  We will read about these poses, listen to descriptions of them, and then move into and experience each one.   We will explore a new set of poses each time we meet, and then gradually bring them together at the end of the session.  Through shared yoga practice, both parent and child are encouraged to let go of worries and just focus on exercise, fun, and relaxation.

SENIOR YOGA ~ The practice of yoga provides endless benefits for our minds, bodies, and spirits.  Together, we will explore how yoga postures can increase our physical strength, balance, and flexibility, thereby moving our minds toward increased positivity and peace.  Senior YogaFit is open to everyone who would like to practice a gentle yoga style, adapted to incorporate chair support throughout the practice.

TEEN YOGA ~ Yoga helps balance both our bodies and our minds. While our muscles benefit from strengthening and stretching, our minds become rested in that physical movement.  As we move through various yoga poses, focusing only on our breathing, the stress from the day begins to melt away. By practicing yoga, we can learn to manage emotions or anxieties that may result from challenging schoolwork or social situations. As a result, we become more relaxed and better able to focus on our priorities.  We will warm up our muscles as we move through seated, kneeling, and standing poses. We further strengthen and stretch our bodies by holding postures a little longer. The class finishes with gentle, relaxing stretches.  This class will provide modifications for those with varying abilities. Please bring a yoga mat and anything else that makes you feel comfortable.

PRENATAL YOGA ~ We celebrate mothers-to-be, honoring this stage in their lives.  We explore yoga postures through verbal description and demonstration, focusing on breathing techniques throughout our practice.  We safely establish stability in each pose, strengthening, stretching, honoring our changing bodies, and relaxing our minds.   Listening to our bodies, feeling the pose, and breathing, we let go of expectations, opening to the experience each moment presents.  Final poses in each class encourage deep relaxation.  Please bring a yoga mat, a pillow, and anything else that makes you feel comfortable.


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NOTE:  All classes described here can be further customized to meet client needs.  Please contact Julie to schedule customized classes: